Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds

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The Story



The sun is always somewhere above the clouds. 
Even when you don't see it.
On the greyest cool day. 
When the world looks a little de-saturated,
remember that, through the atmospheric haze
on the other side of that grey,
The sun is shining.
It was this thought of hope that somewhat comforted me, as I descended on a plane from New York to Seattle. It was May, and the weather of where I had been staying was perfect. I had just gone on a business trip where I gained a ton of insight and inspiration for my next action steps. It was hard to find comfort in knowing that I was going back to Seattle, so far away from all the action. 


As the plane descended, I watched from the window as we went from blissful sunshine into white. The white went on for what seemed like forever until we got closer and it started to turn a darker shade of grey. Dark, like 4 pm on a grey rainy day, except that it wasn’t.


A little perspective is all we need when we want to conquer any situation. Maybe I was leaving the exciting action of the east coast, but there must be a purpose for being in Seattle and I'm blessed to be here. These were the thoughts I reflected, on as the wheels came out from beneath the plane jumping and scraping the asphalt.

My inner reflection turned deeper, as I walked out into misty Seattle's cold and grey May weather. Just because I don't see the sun, doesn't mean it's not shining. And with that perspective, maybe I could practice some bigger faith. Just because I don't know why I'm in Seattle, doesn't mean there's nothing here to be obtained. .


The Art is printed on giclee acid-free matte paper. The color of the print has a luxurious, velvety look, and the brilliance is otherworldly. 

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