Speedie Portraits

Speedie Portraits

Speedie portraits are now available, limited spots only!

What is included:

- Portrait of chosen person (one person only)

- Line drawing of person's likeness

- Embellished with watercolor paints 

- Artwork is scanned and e-mailed to you at high-res

- Original artwork is available for a small additional fee to cover shipping costs. US only. Originals are created on size 8x8 watercolor paper. 


Family portraits are available! 

- Purchase one portrait per family member

- Each illustration will be a contour sketch portrait and come in its own file or print.

- Order by 06/17/2020 to get in time for fathers day weekend!



E-mail your photos to Sefiracreative@gmail.com after placing your order. Please send photos that are high-res, clearly lit, and taken from a head-on angle. I will draw the photos exactly as how you send them, so if there are any funny faces or positioning, this will be included. 


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