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The Hassidic Niggun

The Hassidic Niggun


A niggun (pronounced nih-gun) is a hassidic song of kabbalistic origins, usually without words, and is considered a meditational tune to bring a person to higher consciousness. 


Songs that contain words are defined and binding. They tell a specific story and carry a specific message.


A song without words, like a nigun, has no limit. The soul is able to sour above free and unbound. 


This is the moment when everyone singing the niggun has been united as one. No longer are we humans worried with insecurities, but souls with a divine purpose. Working together, to bring a bit of Godliness down to earth.


Listen to the niggun that inspired this piece here:


The textures and richness of color in this print are unreal. This art piece was created digitally on the computer but contains levels of texture that look hand made. The orange pops off the paper and brings happiness and joyous energy to any room. Frame this masterpiece in a white or silver frame. If you feel like going bold, try gold. 

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