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The Parting of the Sea

Size: 16x12

This print is hand signed and printed on fine art giclee paper.



The Parting of the Sea

I believe everyone has faced times in their life when a challenge seems impossible to overcome. When a crisis feels as impossible as crossing the ocean with no support. How do we get across? How can we survive this?

And then suddenly the split. The moment when we reach out for help and are shown love and support from family loved ones, friends, or acquaintances. That instance where we go from being utterly alone to feeling saved. It's that miracle of when we gain perspective on our challenges, clarity revealed. 

Where once there was an ocean, suddenly the path that can lead you across to the other side is revealed. We all go through life struggles, and the churning and the struggling of getting through it to the other side, is my vision of the splitting of the sea. 

- Enhance your home spiritually and physically with this print. The blues in the ocean bring tranquility and peace to your home. The white negative space is positivity and enlightenment. Hang this piece over your dining room as a constant reminder of your own personal redemption.