The Ultimate Chanukah Sweater - Crew in classic navy

The Ultimate Chanukah Sweater - Crew in classic navy

A Great Miracle Happened There - on this sweater, it says  'נס גדול היה שם'


Brrr, it's getting cold out there. Bundle up with The Ultimate Chanuka sweater.

Designed to represent your inner holiday spirit, this premium quality ridiculously-cozy-sweater is the perfect go-to item for Chanuka. (But we won't judge you if you wear it all winter, because we will be too!)


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The Story


After spending countless hours searching for the perfect Chanuka sweater, nothing online seemed to hit the mark. From slogans like "let's get lit" or "I love you a latke", although cute, there seemed to be a lacking in designs that were historically and authentically accurate in representing the holiday.


So, we decided it was time to make our own. The artwork on this sweater was meticulously designed to represent ancient Jerusalem where the story of Chanuka takes place. What really makes this sweater stand out from the rest, is the menorah (note: the menorah in the temple had 7 branches where is a chanukiah has 9).


The next time someone assumes Chanuka is just a Jewish version of Christmas, whip out your sweater to represent!


Want to learn a bit more on the holiday? Brush up your history with this video here:



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