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Creating beauty, breaking stereotypes.

Sefira illustrates ancient Jewish concepts in modern, fresh, tangible ways. Today we're flooded by digital inundations and technology, fueled by a constant desire for more.  Sefira uses her art to forge a bond between the soul and the world - tapping into Judaism’s focus, history, and spirituality.


Using bold colors and layers of texture her art searches for a harmony that balances the sublime and the imperfect, reflecting the complexities of our world and our lives. Every texture represents a struggle, every layer built upon hard work and growth. By observing our collective whole, we can see the tapestry of the universe - brilliant colors and themes made by the uniqueness of our individuality. Experience Sefira's artwork and feel a more whole and connected world.


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Mother  |   Runner  |  Coffee Enthusiast  |   Prefers Warm Weather

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