19 Blessings

19 Blessings

To begin the Jewish Amidah prayer, we take three steps forward and three steps back. Symbolically taking steps outside of our physical surroundings, to enter into a spiritual realm. We are commanded to repeat this prayer three times a day. 


Through the perspective of Judaism, prayer is not just about expressing conscious feelings. It is about meditating on and revealing our deeper and holier feelings. 


The texturized teal green colors serve to bring peaceful meditational vibrations into the home. The Hebrew letters are swatches of gold-leaf-like texture, meant to remain anonymous, to represent your own personal prayer.


Hang this masterpiece in an area of your home that is commonly used to pray or meditate.


Size: 16x20, 24x30, 40x50  inches


This print is hand signed and printed on fine art giclee paper.



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