Flowers for the people

Flowers for the people

The Art is printed on enriched acid-free matte paper with giclee archival ink. The color of the print has a rich, velvety look, and the brilliance is otherworldly. 


Sizes Available

Xsmall 8"x10"

Small  16"x20"

Medium 24"x30"

Large 40"x50"


The Story


Flowers for the people 💐
We’re all going through a rough time right now. Our lives have all ultimately been put on hold in ways we never could have imagined. Schools closed, vacations canceled, weddings under extra stress, concern for the health of our parents and grandparents is heightened... the list is endless. Our days are topsy turvy... none of us .. could have ever seen THIS coming ...
And the one drop of comfort that’s pulled me through these confusing times is the realization that I’m not alone. Everyone on the planet is feeling the anxiety of the unknown. We’re all in this together, and I strongly believe in the good and the beauty that will bloom on the other side once this is all done and gone.
Inspired by @mimulo and their #flowersforthepeople , decorating the world with beauty... I felt a strong desire to create a virtual version of that for you here on social media. These flowers are for your heartache, your tears, your despair. These flowers are for you to share. Send them to friends who you know might be needing some extra signs of love.

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