Hebrew letter Prints

Hebrew letter Prints

The Hebrew Alef-Bet is the foundation of the Jewish people. The language has miraculously survived alongside the Jewish people through 2,000 years of exile. Here it is today, in modern form, as a testament to our spiritual connection to a higher power. 


The vivacious colors bring the letters to life. So playful that you'd want to hang them in a child's bedroom, and yet so elegant that you might want to hang in the living room or dining room for all to see. 



These prints come in 3 different sizes

- 10" x 10" (includes a 1" border on all sides, totalling at 12"x12")

- Premium Fine Art Paper and


*Note* The hebrew letter you are purchasing willl not show up in the image on checkout, this is normal and do not be alarmed :)



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    $36.00Sale Price

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