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N'aaseh v'nishma - We will do and we will hear

N'aaseh v'nishma - We will do and we will hear


The Torah is the core representation of Judaism and serves as a tangible testimount of our connection to G-d. Before the revelation at Mount Sinai, the Jews were asked if they were prepared to receive the Torah. Unanimously, we responded with the famous declaration "We will do" (obey) and "we will listen" (learn). The explanation from the text is that we were so eager to be close to G-d, we accepted the Torah before even hearing it. 


The Torah is the heart, soul and mind of the Jewish people. This represents it's powerful impact in our lives. Bold, lucious colors stimulate the heart, and increase circulation. This image serves as a reminder to who you are and where you want to head. Lines across the image are inspired by wavelengths and energy. Expanding outward and overlapping with other colors. 


The Jewish star in the center of the Torah has a realistic gold foil imprint on it and represents our neshama (soul). Golden and precious. 


This picture will hang beautifully in any room. It's bold colors and bright textures will bring you joy and life when you walk past it. Sefira suggests that the best place to hang this over the dining room table, or near the study. Be prepared for guests to collect around it, once you glance at this your eyes wont let you wander away.


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