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Sh'ma Kolainu - Hear Our Voice

Sh'ma Kolainu - Hear Our Voice


The city of our heritage. 
Its history is complex.
There are tales of sadness and love 
Marked upon every stone, from the top of its golden roofs to the deepest tunnels hidden within the hillside. 
The city that we turn to in prayer.
The utterance of its name escapes from our mouths with a flutter in our stomachs.
Is this really here? Is this really ours? 
Is it really safe to rejoice?
The city that was torn from us once 2,000 plus years ago now lays in our hands like a precious flower we dare not crush. 
Delicate. Intricate. 
Prove to us that we can trust you. 
Hear our voices and Lift us up.




Giclee print on Premium Archival Paper



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