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The Truth Shall Set You Free - set of 3

The Truth Shall Set You Free - set of 3

Options to order:


1. Giclee fine art 16 x 20 print. These are luxuriously high definition prints with smooth gradations, true-to-life colors, and superior clarity. 


2. 3 metallic prints: You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. Size 16 x 20 (including hardware to hang on your walls straight from the box).




The Story


It was a grey morning in Seattle when the inspiration hit me to create three stand-alone prints that spell out the word "Emet" - "Truth" - in Hebrew. 




Religions are built around it. Wars have been waged over it. Friendships and relationships are bonded through it.


One simple word that unlocks the complexities of humankind in one doing. 


Truth is a journey. It's an action, taking one step at a time, to unfold the layers behind and depths behind it. Each panel of this triptych represents a step in the journey for truth, whether it be spiritual, physical, or emotional. 


Alef - א - the first letter of the word 'emet'.It is also the first letter of the alef-bet. Alef represents the first step in the journey to seek truth. It's the discovery of the self, the wanting and the need for a deeper reality with more meaning. 


Mem - מ - the second letter in the word 'emet'. It is also the letter that falls directly in the middle of the Hebrew alef-bet. Mem is the middle of the journey for truth. It is the research, the questions, and the discovery process. The journey for truth, whether spiritual or emotional, comes in layers, and 'mem' is the process of uncovering the layers. 


Toph - ת - The last letter of the word 'emet'. It is also the last letter of the Hebrew alef-bet. This letter represents the conclusion of our search. It mirrors the entire journey from beginning to the end. This last panel is intrinsically connected to all the other letters. One cannot be hung without the other, or else the word is incomplete. So too, every step in the journey for truth is necessary. The process is all connected, one cannot exist without the other.  









*Limited Edition*


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