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The Quest for Prayer

The Quest for Prayer

Prayer is very abstract to me and yet within the depths of my heart is this fire burning passion to call out and be heard. I need to say things imperfectly, and this isn’t going to look pretty.

I consider myself to be radical and rebellious. My nature is to fight control, to push back on being told what to do. I am I, and I will resolve and fix whatever it is that is set before me. Rules are meant to be broken.

I also see myself as spiritual. I am a believer, there is a force in this world larger than me. It is to that entity, I must continuously remind myself to relinquish that control. I know that I cannot control any single person, place or thing. 

How do you bring those two opposite energies together? How can such large inner conflict and turmoil reside in such a human-sized mind and heart? Where does one go from here? I do not know.

The answers I can give, are that prayer and meditation are about giving yourself peace. In this artwork, the scratches represent that which we are resistant too. The battles, the challenges, the anger, the hurt. The person praying has his face hidden, because in that moment of deeper meditation, our world around us no longer exists. We step out of the matrix and enter an alternate reality. In that alternate reality, we speak our truths, we create space for ourselves. Our energies adjusted. 

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