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The Rebbe

The Rebbe

The Art is printed on giclee acid-free matte paper. The color of the print has a rich, velvety look, and the brilliance is otherworldly. 


Sizes Available

Small  16"x20"

Medium 24"x30"

Large 40"x50"


This print is a limited edition, only 250 will be printed. Each print will be hand-signed by the artist, dated, and include the edition number.


The Story

📖In her letter to the Rebbe, a woman used the term ‘Orthodox Judaism.’In his response, the Rebbe wrote: “I must point out to you that splitting Judaism into ‘orthodox, conservative, and reform’ is a purely artificial division, for all Jews share one and the same Torah given by the One and same G-d. While there are more observant Jews and less observant ones, to tack on a label does not change the reality that we are all one.”

This brief explanation means everything to me. I too often have had made the ‘mistake’ of labeling distinct observances or practices in Judaism. I need to remind this to myself daily, not because I’m prejudiced or judgmental, but because I’m human and forgetful.

The beauty of this world shines when we unite beyond a label. We are all placed on this planet with a divine mission to make the world a better place. To pursue acts of goodness and kindness, to spread love and accept each other for our differences.


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