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This print has been exclusively sold as a limited edition for 4 years and is now being released in a poster format. The limited edition versions will still retain their exclusivity and value with their hand signature and certificate. The New releases of this print will be printed on a different paper and ink, as well as come with a digital signature. Prices will reflect this change in artwork creation. 


My hope is to open up this favored art print to more people, so that everyone can experience some level of freedom in art. 


Sizes Available

Small  16"x20"



Eclusive limited edition versions of this print that are hand signed and come with a certificate are currently not available. If you would like to inquire more about this, please email me directly


The Story


Freedom. It’s such an easy word to spell, but the concept itself difficult to grasp.

Everyone has their own vision of freedom. 
Freedom is unique.
Freedom is in the choices.
Freedom is in the moment.
Freedom is rising above hurt.
Freedom is the opposite of anxiety.
Freedom is the escape from slavery.
Freedom is by the ocean.

The comparisons can go on forever, and yet no two people will agree on the exact same description. This is because freedom is YOU, and you are a person made up of billions of unique cells and a soul that is only yours. 

Today my freedom is far, and the enemies in my mind are close. Today I am enslaved. I am trapped between the army that is chasing me to my death, and the ocean that is impossible to cross. I am screaming out to God, demanding answers and solutions. Today is one of those days where I wait for the miracle that can’t be seen. 

Today is a day where I curse the day I ever picked up the pencil. It is a day where I’ve cried, and cried, a thousand times over. Today is a day that I might be close to being defeated.

Today is a day that I have a choice. I can choose to surrender or cross the impossible ocean. Today is the day I get to experience a taste of freedom...

And no one ever said freedom doesn’t hurt. Perhaps it is in that hurt, the beauty can be seen.

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